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Citrus Fruits


We are experts providing fit for purpose, bespoke, goal focused training & technical consulting services to agri-food business, helping organisations to achieve their strategic objectives. 

  • Our mission is to improve capacity, capability, compliance, competence & organisational culture required for production of high quality, safe, authentic, ethical & sustainable food products.

  • We are providing solutions for food safety compliance, management systems, process excellence, lean manufacturing, auditing, food safety culture, technical and regulatory compliance, product integrity standards.

  • We are working across the African continent, implementing ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22000 based food safety & quality management systems, GFSI Global Food Safety Standards, BRC V7,  FSSC 22000 V4, IFS  & Global Markets Program. 

  • We are leading organisations to transitioning to new ISO 9001:2015 & FSSC 22000 V4 standards smoothly and successfully.We are training leaders at all levels to understands the context & environment of the food business, associated risks, change & the activities required which including updating of existing OMS processes, modernizing food safety systems, leadership involvement, management commitment, developing of a food safety & quality culture.

  • Through our leadership, implementation, transition & auditing courses, we are inspiring leaders, developing management capability through  imparting knowledge, developing skills & competencies, essential to effective, economic & efficient operation of management systems.

  • We are helping business to solve technical challenges ranging from improving factory standards to  managing brand integrity, allergen controls, supply chain assurance, food fraud vulnerability assessments, implementing HACCP/ TACCP/ VACCP ,  managing prerequisite programs (PRPs) & making food safety a part of the business organisational culture.

  • We believe that people are the greatest asset of any business. Businesses develop people & people grow the business. Guided by our values & beliefs, we actively encourage our clients to manage food safety & quality training in a strategic not incidental manner.   

  • We are working with up-scaling entrepreneurs and aspiring exporters under our Global Retail Ready Improvement Program.  We are improving their ability to comply with global retail responsible sourcing policies, food safety, technical & brand integrity standards . We are helping exporters to navigate the scientific, regulatory & technical challenges involved. We are keeping them up to date with international best practices

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