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Be the preferred strategic partner helping businesses to build the right capacity, capability, competence and culture required to produce high quality, safe, legal & authentic food, for sell in both locally and international food markets.

•Improve business performance through training solutions that inspire leaders, develop management competencies, create awareness, change people behaviours and organisational culture.

• Develop the right technical and management skills for managing food safety risks and threats to food integrity and authenticity in food supply chains.

•Provide best in class training and consulting solutions to address business needs around food safety compliance, management systems, process excellence, lean manufacturing, auditing, food safety culture, technical and regulatory compliance, product integrity standards. 


•Develop fit for purpose “packaged” and  bespoke world class training solutions that helps businesses achievement their strategic objectives.


• Build industry capacity for trade and ensure businesses keep up to date with international best practicesscientific, regulatory and technical changes.  


• Provide best in class management system training, transition and change management support. 


•Promote a behavior based food safety systems, quality & compliance culture excellence in Africa.

Your vision is our mission. It is the reason why we exist.

We have accepted the mission to.......  

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