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We can help you to develop an effective food safety employee engagement program and a positive Food Safety Culture

Food safety is a strategic business objective which requires food business leaders to create and maintain a positive organisational food safety culture which helps the business to produce safe food day in day out.


A positive Food safety culture is required to sustain a food safety management system and improve operational food safety performance , hygienic practices and factory standards in a food business. Food safety culture is the shared beliefs, attitudes, people's perceptions, behaviours and practices connected to food safety. Food safety is not always about what people know about food safety hazards, but what they do in practice. 


With news of high profile food poisoning incidences that have seen food companies being given heafty fines & some senior executives going to prison in the USA and Europe, progressive food businesses have realised that culture is the missing piece of the food safety puzzle. Some CEOs and directors are now starting to sponsor Food Safety Culture Development and Employee Engagement Programs aimed at embedding food safety practices in their businesses. These Food Safety Culture Programs are leadership driven strategic initiatives that are designed to change culture by inspiring and empowering employees at all levels, developing food safety management commitment skills, drive accountability and responsibility for food safety across the business.


Training is a big component for improving food safety performance, but it does not always deliver the required behaviour and culture change. It should always be complemented by an effective work based, management commitment, culture focused employee involvement & engagement  change program.


Food Safety Culture development starts with leadership who set direction, plan, motivate, inspire people, provide resources, drive management commitment, people involvement as well as provide a suitable working environment for safe food production and handling. Because of this need that we have developed our Food Safety Culture Excellence Consulting Service to help businesses with support in developing their own Food Safety Culture Programs. Our Food Safety Culture Excellence Service consists of a series of in-house training and coaching workshops, behaviour based food safety, supervisor and management commitment skills coaching, practical factory standards auditing, managing prerequisite programs PRPs and compliance. 

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