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Our vision is to be the leading food industry training and consulting firm, 

working across the entire African continent, providing expert consulting solutions, best in class expertise that is required for managing agrifood business in the 21st century, delivering skills training programs that are fit for purpose and fit for the future. 

We aim to be most trusted and preffered strategic partner helping businesses to develop the right standards, management systems, technical & leadership competences and developing people to achieving their business objectives.


We nurture a vision to be the most trusted source of technical advice, knowledge and information about food safety and product integrity and  issues important for growing and support an innovative, competitive and sustainable (economic, social and environment) food businesses as well as managing product integrity (quality, safety, authenticity) and brand reputation & integrity  risks when sourcing from global food supply chains. 


To raise awareness about the potential impact of the sustainable development goals SDG2030 on food business as well as to provide advice on how they can embed these global goals SDG2030 into their food business models, processes and products.

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