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HACCP without Hiccups 

Besides employee health & safety food safety is the second highest risk priority for any food business. A food business operator must make food according to a documented (HACCP) plan based on the principle of Codex. Every business must Build IT, Use IT, Prove IT and Improve IT!!!!. HACCP is designed prevent & minimize food safety hazards associated with contamination. It is a legal requirement some countries. It is fundamental requirement for certification to global food safety management system standards like ISO 22000 and GFSI Global food safety standards ( FSSC 22000 V4, BRC V7 , IFS 6 &  SQF v7 ).

  • We are working with a wide range of clients across the African continent, helping them build and update their HACCP plans at affordable rates . 

  • We provide guidance on  development, implementation, verification, validation, management & review of the HACCP plan

  • Our advice is bespoke to our customer needs. The details vary with size of business, product category, processes as well as the objective, standard and certification the customer intent to achieve. 

  • ​We go into your business and conducdiagnostic assessment & a gap analysis. We assess the premises, product, people,processes & systems. We walk through process flows to gather information needed create a process flow diagram & to develop implementation plans​​.

  • We empower the food safety team with the hands on project & change management skills required. We train teams to understand HACCP sufficient enough to carry out conduct robust risk assessments to put together a plan & understand how to use it

  • We impart the necessary skills for proving the plan's capability in controlling  identified hazards (validation), proving if plan the is working effectively (verification), as well as  conducting management reviews and updating the plans.

  • We provide best practice templates, guidance and mentoring  for your team to build a full HACCP system including the HACCP manual, process flow diagram, hazard analysis and CCP summary.  We can also work remotely  via our electronic portal or come from clients premises.

  • In circumstances where we develop the plan for a client, our consultant will carry out a HACCP review meetings with to make sure the plan is accurate, bespoke to client site. Amendments are done together with site HACCP team ensuring fully ownership by client HACCP team is established.

The context of the food business is changing. Increasing number of manufacturers and retailers are choosing to work with suppliers who are certified to a GFSI standard and therefore HACCP.  


The revised ISO 9001:2015 quality management system introduced two new requirements with some implications on how businesses manage food safety. The organisation must now determine its context as well as assess & mitigate risks involved within processes. 


In addition to others public health, financial & brand integrity risks associated with the context of any food business operations. Business certified to ISO 9001:2015 standard are now expected to demonstrate how they assess risks associated with their manufacturing process and justify the methods used for assess and mitigate food safety risks.  A good ISO 9001:2015 auditors expects to see documented HACCP plans, hazard analysis & risk assessment, risk management controls and justification of any risk mitigation methods used. 


Whatever the motivation or business need, we’re here to help you – please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements, with absolutely no obligation!

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