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HACCP without the HICCUPS

A food business (FB) has a moral and legal obligation to make and place on the market food which is safe and legal. Making safe food requires (1) production from an approved facility (2) a good manufacturing environment & practices (3) a positive food safety culture (4) producing food according to systematic plan based on HACCP principles


HACCP is a Simply a Businesss Plan to Make Safe food.

We Must

Build IT, Use IT, Prove IT and Improve IT!!!!


Every food business should have its own game plan for making safe. The food business owner or person in charge has a legal responsibility to ensure that the business built, use prove and improve food safety risk management plans to the authorities , customers and stakeholders.


Besides employee health & safety food safety must be the second highest risk priority for any food business operator. HACCP is a business plan to manage this food safety, financial and brand integrity risks associated with accidental hazards and contamination. The most senior business manager responsible for the manufacturing site is accountable for implementing and working  of the HACCP plan. They are expected to ensure that the business making food according plan, the plan is operationally owned and embedded in the business ways of working. 


In simple words, the business must ....


  • Ensure senior leadership is involved and accountable for this very important business risk management plan.

  • Build a their site specific and documented plan using internatioanlly recognised rules also known as the Codex HACCP principles 

  • Use this plan day in day out to make safe food and that the plan is operationally owned.

  • Prove to authorities, key customers, investors, the board and interested parties that their plan can work and prove that the plan is working everyday.

  • Continue to improve the operation of the plan 


Our HACCP course series is designed to ensure learners aquire hands on practical skills for developing HACCP plans, management commitment skills, using and embedding HACCP into  business processes and ways of working, review, verification and validation of plan. Learners will learn the foundations of HACCP and new tools that are now being used in food industry to compliment HACCP to make it work in modern food businesses


Effective Food Safety Leadership Training

Yes It starts with leadership……..

Leadership involvement is required for successful implementation of a food safety or quality management systems. It is a key ingredient for creating and maintaining the right level of management commitment that is required for drive implementation processes, project management, managing changes in organisational food safety culture, change in business process management (BPM),  embedding HACCP into the business ways of working, managing prerequisite programs as well as making infrastructure and capex improvements. 


  • Recent developments in Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked Food Safety Management System (FSMS) standards such as BRC Global Food Standard V7, FSSC 22000 , International Food Standard (IFS), GlobalGAP has seen all standards starting from the premise that for any food safety system to be effective the senior management team should be fully committed to its application and continued development....


  • The upcoming annex SL compliant ISO 22000 :2007 revised  Food Safety Management System standard  and recently launched ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard requires business to demonstrate of leadership involvement at all levels ….


  • The new ISO 9001:2015  is now taking the agenda of quality management systems right up to the boardroom....

This changing context of the food business requires senior leadership to step up!!!!, Senior leaders are now need understand the context of their business, to manage risks and opportunities in their business processes, acquire new knowledge and skills for creating a positive food safety culture, performing effective senior management reviews , drive continual improvement, understand the new changing standard requirements and new how to demonstrate food safety management system leadership (including board involvement) 


Our Effective Food Safety Leadership Training Course is designed to 

  • Inspire leaders in your business  and encourage them to embrace change and the emerging global agenda to modernise food safety. 

  • Create a better understanding of changing context of food business and issues that have an impact on achievement on food safety and quality objectives.

  • Create awareness  about new tools for managing risks in food chain including HACCP/TACCP/VACCP

  • Develop understanding of leadership requirements for HACCP and FSMS.

  • Develop the ability to drive and demontrate management commitment and learn new auditor expectations.

  • Develop ability to develop a positive food safety culture in your organisation.


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